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'Slay the Gander' radio documentary wins TWO awards!

We are so very proud!

Wanita Bates came along as we tackled Gander Lake last June 29-July 1, 2017 and told our story on CBC’s Atlantic Voice, “Slay the Gander.” This radio documentary aired November 14th, 2017, was produced by Angela Antle and has won two International Broadcasting Awards.

It’s won a Gabriel Award whose, “single most important criterion of a Gabriel program is its ability to uplift and nourish the human spirit. A Gabriel-worthy program affirms the dignity of human persons; it recognizes and upholds universally recognized human values such as community, creativity, tolerance, justice, compassion and the dedication to excellence.”

This is being presented in Green Bay, Wisconsin mid-June, and Wanita will not be able to attend but hopes the Gabriel is in the mail.

The Gracie award will be presented in New York City on June 27th. The award is given by “The Alliance for Women in Media” and is an organization for women, by women which began back in 1951. The name of the award was changed to the The Gracies for Gracie Allen, a media pioneer who embodied the character of the awards.” Wanita has already packed for NYC.

“The best thing I ever did was say yes to Bruce Whitelaw when he invited me on this journey,” says Wanita. “My face hurt from laughing and my heart grew two sizes and was bursting with love and joy. Dragons thanks for letting me in the boat!”

Author Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote, “Always remember, it’s simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” Wanita says she had, “80 dragons worth of story and it was incredible.”

Haven't heard the story yet? Listen here:

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