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Mission & Vision

Avalon Dragon Boating is an association of breast cancer survivors, their friends, families, and others who share the goal of supporting dragon boating for breast cancer survivors on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our Mission
  • To support each other; improve our physical, emotional, and spiritual health; celebrate life, and have fun.


  • To live a vibrant, active life despite a diagnosis of cancer.


  • To raise awareness about the role of exercise and a healthy lifestyle in preventing breast cancer and its recurrence

Our Vision
  • To help breast cancer survivors learn about the important role of exercise and a healthy lifestyle in helping prevent recurrence and in preventing and managing lymphedema.

  • To maintain a dragon boat racing team consisting of steerspeople, coaches, a support team, and a minimum of 40 paddlers.

  • To secure the financial resources, training supports, and equipment needed to train and compete in festivals while advancing our larger health, wellness, and community building goals.

  • To establish channels of communication with local breast cancer support groups, fitness centers, and professional health practitioners' associations.

  • To proudly display and use the beautiful wooden dragon boat we designed and built.

  • To host an annual dragon boat festival.

  • To build a boathouse on Octagon Pond for breast cancer survivors and for the general public, including youth teams, cancer survivor teams, men’s and women’s teams, community teams, and corporate teams.

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