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Team socializing
Team Song

Barb Wakeham insured our immortalization when she penned “The Song of the Avalon Dragons”, sung to the tune of “I’se Da B’y” that rang out over the loudspeaker as we got ready for our first race:


We're the gals that built the boat
and we’re the gals that paddles her
We're the gals that showed the world
we're breast cancer survivors

Hip to your partner on the seat
Hip to your partner row on row
Paddles ready, paddles up
Hit the water, let her go

We're the gals from Newfoundland
an island in the sea
We came here from Paradise
to claim our victory


We took Bruce to McDonald Drive
and faithfully he did travel
and every step that we did take
He was there to guide us.


We finished the boat--it wasn't enough
Bruce said we had to mould her
So up to Seal Cove we did go
to learn to fibreglass her


A year and a half and lots of work
It took to build our team
So when we race, no matter our place
We've realized our dream.


By Barb Wakeham, 2008; Verse 2, Karen Ryder, 2011

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